Beatrice Holiday

The JADA Pouch Necklace is a keeper. A literal keeper of secrets, crystals, love notes.. anything you hold sacred and want to carry with you. This pouch is made with repurposed bicycle chain .. specifically, the chain rollers. I take the bicycle chains that I find at local bike shops - then clean them, break the chain to get the rollers, clean the rollers,  then link the rollers together to form chainmail and create a wearable pouch. The pouch is then cleaned one more time. Labor of Love - but, worth all the effort. Easily one of my new favorite pieces!
100% Sustainable.  "Make Compassion Your Fashion."

And yes, comes with a 3" rod of SELENITE...
because everyone needs SELENITE in their life!

Repurposed Bicycle Chain Rollers - Stainless Steel

18" Chain
22" Including Pouch Drop

Made in Los Angeles.

$ 188.00
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